Based in Paris, the SFV (French Vacuum Society), founded in 1945, is a non-profit-making society for users of vacuum technologies. Its function is to create and develop special relationships between the different players in the scientific, academic and industrial fields, and was declared a public interest body in 1957, playing a key role in the transfer of technical and scientific knowledge.

Serving the constantly-evolving scientific and industrial communities, it was born from the determination of a small group of scientists to create a learned society whose purpose would be to bring together people interested in vacuums, their techniques and applications. It was inspired by the work of an illustrious French physician, Fernand Holweck (1890-1941), who invented the molecular vacuum pump that bears his name.

Its fields of activity

The activities of the SFV focus on three key areas:
Vacuum technologies: vacuum pump-out, equipment maintenance, installation configuration, degassing, drying, sealing, leak detection, cryogenics, surface preparation, etc.
Associated leading-edge techniques: thin film deposition, plasma engraving and treatment, characterisation of surfaces and interfaces, freeze-drying, evaporation, metallisation, nanotechnologies, etc.
Application and employment of new materials: adhesion, welding, sintering etc. Ceramics, polymers, compounds, biomaterials etc.

Its fields of action

For over 40 years the SFV has been providing state-certified education in the field of Vacuum Technologies and their applications, from industrial vacuum to ultravacuum. The courses combine theory and practice, and are given by recognised professionals from the industrial or university spheres.

2 possible options
The aims of the SFV are to train your staff, regardless of their level of competence, to consolidate their know-how and expertise, to adapt their knowledge to the development of your company, and to meet your specific requirements.
INTER courses: the SFV provides some thirty traditional courses selected from the catalogue with a defined content.
INTRA courses: the SFV provides on-site courses within companies, with customized programmes.


Throughout the year the SFV organises national and international symposiums, study days on specific areas, conferences and exhibitions.
Some national and international events are co-organised with other learned societies. The SFV is also a member of IUVSTA (International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique, and Applications -, which has 31 member companies specialising in vacuum technologies, and the FFM (French Materials Federation - composed of 30 French associations.


The SFV publishes La Gazette du Vide two times per year, a free information bulletin for all users of vacuum technology and industrial or university design departments and R&D departments. It also publishes technical books.

The Committees

To enhance its effectiveness the SFV has set up two specialist committees:
Adhesion Committee
Plasma Committee
and two functional committees:
Education Committee
Manufacturers, equipment suppliers and service providers Committe (CEPS)